Wednesday, June 4

I'm moving, again.

I started packing the other day, sort of last minute...typical Stephanie, for the move into our new house. As I was putting boxes together (while listening to my future husbands Jimi cds, not my iPod) it occurred to me...I have moved so many times the sound of packing tape (you know, rrrrrrip) no longer bothers Titus.
I moved to Greenville SC for college, then back to North Augusta in 2003. Then I lived in Charleston for a few years before moving back to Augusta. In September of 2007 I gladly moved back to the coast, Wilmington NC.
Titus used to run and hide when the tape even appeared, now not so much. He just laid on the coffee table (even though he knows I hate that) and watched me pack.
Momma came up on Sunday to help move, clean, all those great things moms do. She also brought all 4 of her foster children with her (aged 1-6). It's been a crazy, stressful week so far. The 6 of us are staying at The Little House now. I can't wait to have The Pope there with me.
My sister, Samantha, came up to visit, too. She drove up from Statesboro GA just to see her big sister.
I am looking forward to cooking in the kitchen, getting settled, and letting the dogs play in the backyard. They love it!

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  1. Congrats on the upcoming nuptials and moving! I didn't know your little sis lived in Statesboro-I'm just about to move from Statesboro to go back to Augusta! :-)