Wednesday, September 29

Just Plain Ridiculous II

Add this to the list of super ridiculous baby itemsRadiation Dress
The description reads "99% Radiation Proof (Radio/TV/Cell Phone/Microwave Oven)."  So are you supposed to wear these dresses everyday for nine months?

The Babies Update: 36 weeks

I went to the OB today and things are still looking good. I did test positive for the GBS test and she explained I'll have to be given an IV while laboring, every four hours.   They can run the antibiotic for 30 minutes and then I can be mobile again, laboring.  This means I can still stick to my plan of a natural birth and be up and moving.  I won't even have to drag around an IV tree.
And, at today's visit, I was put on official bed rest. My blood pressure, which has been super, was a little high today. 
The OB also checked my cervix....I am 2-3cm dilated and 70% effaced. (My mother has a feeling it'll be Thursday.) The instructor of my natural birthing class thinks it'll be very soon. 
I don't know if I'm more anxious or excited!

Wednesday, September 22

Monday, September 20

Ridiculous Baby Items

I am sure there are things that I have already said, "Pssh!  I'm not doing that with my kids" that I'll totally end up doing later.  (It's easy to plan how you'll raise your children while they're still just two little aliens moving around in your belly.)  I am open to a few things changing, despite my OCD-Type A Personality.
While browsing Babies R Us I ran across this ridiculous thing.  Seriously?!  I can't imagine ever using this.  Now I know the metal pieces of the buckle get super hot sitting in the car but the whole seat?  It looks like an astro-baby carseat or a ginormous baked potato.  Wow. 
I have to go right now in search of more absurd baby items to add to this post.

Okay, what about the movement monitors?  Aren't you already freaked out enough having a new baby, especially as a new mom?  I don't need some thing beeping at me everytime The Babies aren't moving.  Good grief, I'd be a nervous wreck!   
Speaking of monitors, I don't get the video baby monitors.  A girlfriend and I discussed the pros of having an audio and visual monitor.  I still don't get it.  Not to mention, they ain't cheap.
The Tummy Tub, have you seen this?  I think my first response when The Pope and I saw one was, "umm, that's a bucket."  It looks dreadful for the baby.
Here are a few more lists full of random, sometimes scary, baby items.

Sunday, September 19

Saturday, September 18

Things The Pope Doesn't Want To Hear

Pregnancy definitely changes your marriage.  Like a rollercoaster, there are ups and downs.  Take our situation for instance.  We had a little scare at about 7 weeks.  We went to the OB not only to find out it was a viable pregnancy but that we were pregnant with two babies.  Feeling completely thankful and blessed, we started planning.  The next few months felt like falling in love all over again.  The Pope and I had created two beings.  Cra-zy!  This feeling of oneness brought us closer together.
As I got bigger, pimplier, and more hormonal things changed again.  And the transition from working full time to permanent maternity leave was difficult.  I was staying home but unable to do most of the necessary housework.  Steph the Pregzilla assumed The Pope resented her for not getting things done when actually it was just my own guilt making me feel that way.  We sort of got a new routine figured out and things got better.
Then later in pregnancy everything becomes very real.  We started talking about things we had never talked about before.  I was actually even showing The Pope pictures of women's breasts in books and sharing way too much information.  Here are some actual conversations heard in our house.

*Some subjects may be too much for male readers.  Reader discretion advised.*
"Hey baby, I need you to come here and shave this for me."
"You probably don't want to know about the big poop I just took, huh?"
"This says later in the pregnancy women have a hard time reaching to wipe their butt."
"They say you can have sex six weeks after delivery but most women think six months.  (I laughed)"
"Women on the forum refer to the state of their vagina after delivery as hamburger crotch."
"Would you please rub this on the pimples on my back?  I can't reach."

In addition to not being able to breath, super oily hair, acne, heartburn, and the occasional nosebleed, I am now snoring and drooling in my sleep.

Monday, September 13

Ready Or Not

Our sweet babies are doing great and progressing fabulously.  They each weighed almost 5 pounds at 33 weeks and are already head down.  The Pope and I are stoked! 
I thought it might be fun to host a contest for our friends and family to participate in.  The goal of the contest is to give your best guess for when the babies will arrive.  The person that comes the closest to the actual time and date will receive a surprise.  There will also be a second prize given for guessing how far apart the babies are born.  (Don't count on too much.  Come on, we are expecting two babies!)  Our official due date is October 24th.

The Rules:
-Post your guess below as a comment.  Guesses posted anywhere else will not be entered into the contest.
-Remember to include date and time and how far apart between babies (ie Alex will be born 12 minutes after Ayden).
-Obviously there is no deadline to the contest; that's what you're guessing!

Sunday, September 12

Etsy Sunday

This week's Etsy Sunday was inspired by The Pope, the manly man that he is. 
He really likes the website The Art of Manliness.  The site focuses on the masculinity of men and most of the time, the old ways of doing things, which we love so much.  The Art of Manliness actually did their own version of "Manly Etsy Wednesday" and posted a whole list of masculine things.  Check out their post here.  I really liked several of their picks so I included them in my list, too.
Vintage Shaving Kit  Isn't it beautiful.
Chocolate Covered Oreos, Vegas Style
Leather Head Football Amazing!
Hollow Book Flask Safe
Vintage Inspired Handkerchief

Thursday, September 9

My Attempt At A Grammar Lesson

I hate hearing bad grammar, I instead of me, "Bring me to the store," then and than.  Oh, it kills me!  Not that I use purfect Engrish all the time, you read my blog, you know.  I type like I talk.  And honestly, some of these, I'm not too sure about myself.  So consider this a refresher course for us all.

Bring and Take
From your perspective, things can only be brought to you, not taken to you. 
Someone brings something to your location.  You take something to someone else.

You're and Your
You're is a contraction of you and are.  Easily replace you're with you are and see if it makes sense.
Your is a possessive pronoun.  "Your dingo ate my baby." 

Their, They're, There
Their is to be used when you're discussing people.  "Their grandma just threw up on me."
They're is a contraction of they and are.  Again with any conjunction, replace they're with they are and if it works, use it.
There is referring to a place, a location.  "I think I see a bear holding a shark over there."

I and Me   
Oh, this one hurts.  There are tons of folks on Facebook that caption their photos, "The Pope and I."
The easiest way to remember when to use I or me is if you take out the other person, and it makes sense, use it.  For example, if you take out The Pope..."This is a picture of I."  NO.  "This is a picture of me."
Other examples:  "Do you want to go to Memphis with Carlene and I?"  (take out the other person) "Do you want to go to Memphis with I?"  NO.  "Do you want to go to Memphis with me?"  Correct!
"Carlene and me are going to Memphis."  (take out the other person)  "Me (am) going to Memphis."  NO.  "I (am) going to Memphis."  "Carlene and I are going to Memphis."

Its and It's
Its is the possessive form of it.  Use it instead of his or hers.  "The dolphin shot air through its blow hole."
It's is a contraction of it and is or it and has.  What's the rule?  Replace it's with it is and listen.  "It's a great time for fresh tomatoes."  "It is a great time for fresh tomatoes."
Another example:  "The restaurant was nice but it's ambiance was terrible."  (replace it's with it is)  "The restaurant was nice but it is ambiance was terrible."  NOPE.  "...but its ambiance was terrible."

Next time maybe I'll also post when to use lay, laid, and lie.  I have to learn the proper usage first.  Tricky.

Sunday, September 5

Etsy Sunday

This week's Etsy Sunday is full of pretty vintage things.  I do love my 50s turquoise!
Pickpockets & Loose Women Sign
Canister Set Oh how I love these!
Redheaded Mirror
Yellow Diner Napkin Holder
Canister Clock

Thursday, September 2

My So-Called Creek

I've been watching My So-Called Life on Hulu.  Do you remember that show?  It was on MTV years ago, with Claire Danes and Jared Leto?  The show was about a teenage girl, Angela, that has a great life but is never really happy.  I think she was emo before emo was cool.  And all the kids in the show say "like" one thousand times an episode.  It is sort of an awful show but why do I like it so much?
Some of you may know my all time favorite TV show is Dawson's Creek.  Oh my gosh, amazing!  I never got tired of the Pacey, Dawson, Joey love triangle.  I mostly only got tired of Dawson in general but it was his show.  (shrug)  This show was about a teenage boy, Dawson, that has a great life but takes it for granted.  He's such a girl.  (Can you tell I'm a fan of Pacey?)
Going back and watching My So Called Life (and being obsessed with Dawson's Creek) got me thinking.  What would it be like if the characters from both shows went to the same high school?  (You're laughing at me, aren't you?)  Well this is what I came up with....

Pacey might have to fight Jordan Catalano for Joey's attention.  She does like the bad boy, needs fixing types.
I wonder if Angela would be into Pacey.  He's not as much of a looker or as mysterious as Jordan Catalano.
Jen would definitely be besties with Rayanne, at least until she found someone cooler.  Jen is always trading in her best friends for new ones.
I think Rickie might be a little too effeminate, flamboyant for Jack.  Rickie might have more luck with Jen as a gal pal.
Brian Krakow would definitely be head over heels for Joey.  He would follow her around like a puppy, but Joey would absolutely not be interested.  He's too nice.
I'm pretty sure that Dawson, at least for a little while, would be interested in Sharon.  But that wouldn't last more than a few episodes 'cause Dawson likes Joey or super hot girls.  Just sayin'.