Monday, September 13

Ready Or Not

Our sweet babies are doing great and progressing fabulously.  They each weighed almost 5 pounds at 33 weeks and are already head down.  The Pope and I are stoked! 
I thought it might be fun to host a contest for our friends and family to participate in.  The goal of the contest is to give your best guess for when the babies will arrive.  The person that comes the closest to the actual time and date will receive a surprise.  There will also be a second prize given for guessing how far apart the babies are born.  (Don't count on too much.  Come on, we are expecting two babies!)  Our official due date is October 24th.

The Rules:
-Post your guess below as a comment.  Guesses posted anywhere else will not be entered into the contest.
-Remember to include date and time and how far apart between babies (ie Alex will be born 12 minutes after Ayden).
-Obviously there is no deadline to the contest; that's what you're guessing!


  1. I am guessing October 7, 2010 at 9:35am! I believe the babies will be born 5 minutes apart. Most importantly I wish you all the best whatever day Alex and Ayden decide to appear. :)

    Beth Almasy Garringer

  2. October 2, 10 minutes apart. Home stretch gang!


  3. Just for fun, I am going to have to go with September 22! and 32 minutes apart.

    Lynn Hornsby

  4. October 1 at 4.5 minutes apart.

    By the way, you're the cutest pregant lady ever.

  5. I am going with Sept 25th at 1:35pm. We will see if the full moon theory is correct. I think they will be 25 minutes apart. I am hoping they are born close together.

  6. My guess is your beautiful babies will be born on September 27 and they will be 4 minutes apart. Here's to a safe and healthy delivery for all.....can't wait to meet them.

    Patty Owen

  7. I'm guessing sept 27th @ 325 pm , 7 minutes apart.
    Karen H

  8. October 15th @ 1600 4 minutes apart
    Wendy C

  9. Momma Carol aka NanaSeptember 16, 2010 at 2:54 PM

    September 24th @ 6 a.m. 15 min. apart, Alex first

  10. Thanks for the guesses, folks. A lot of you are guessing 20-something....that's next week! Oh my gosh, two babies!