Friday, September 23

Etsy Friday

It's been a long, long time since I've blogged.  Goodness, I've got a lot going on

When I saw these items on Etsy I HAD TO share them!  OMG.  I want a Blackberry just so I can cover it in this hideous thing.  Isn't it amazing?!!

How 'bout these Elvis skeleton cameos?  My question is.....why?

Thursday, May 19

Melissa & Doug Giveaway

You know how much I love Melissa & Doug products.  Well there is a great giveaway going on right now over at The Budget Mommy.  She has signed up with Melissa & Doug to giveaway a full sized painting easel.  There is a dry erase and chalkboard side for two children to color or paint simultaneously (perfect for folks with twins). 

Wednesday, May 11

What can I do with expired coupons?

Here's a great way to help our military!  Donate your expired coupons to be used by military families.  Commissaries and PXs overseas accept expired coupons up to 6 months after the expiration date.  Coups For Troops has lots more information about which coupons to send on their website.
I always have coupons that expire before I can use them.  Now I don't have to throw them away.  Instead, someone else can benefit from them!
If you want to send them your expired coupons, use the address below.  Coups For Troops only asks that you cut out your coupons.  You don't have to sort them or total them which makes it easy to donate. 

Coups For Troops
PO Box 147
Winnabow NC 28479

Coups For Troops has a giveaway going on right now too on their Facebook page.  They reached 1000 fans and are giving out a couponing kit with a binder, calculator, baseball card pages for your coupons, newspaper inserts, and lots of other great stuff.

What a fantastic way to help support our soldiers!

Saturday, April 9

Cloth Diaper Set Giveaway

The Budget Mommy is having a giveaway for a whole big fat set of cloth diapering accessories including:
2 bumGenius 4.0 diapers
1 package of six Thirsties Fab Wipes
2 sample packets of Rockin Green Detergent
2 sample packets of Tiny Bubbles Detergent
2 sample packets of BumGenius Diaper Detergent

The giveaway closes April 20th.  Get on over there and enter to win!

Sunday, March 27

(Not) Etsy Sunday

Instead of window shopping on Etsy, this week I've been over looking at all the goodies to be had at Anthropologie.  I could never actually afford any of their things, but oh goodness, if I had all of the money in the world......
They sell beautiful vintage inspired clothes and fabulous handbags (drool).  But they also sell amazing home goods, too.  Of course that's what I found most appealing.
Imprinted Pallete Egg Caddy
Wide-Eyed Dishtowel
Sewing Basket Apron and they have a matching children's size!
Utensil Go Round Spinner  LOVE this
Frukost Dishtowel
Pure and Good Hand Duo
Tea & Crumpets Apron
Barista Dishtowel
Farmer's Egg Crate
Jitterbug Apron
Washable Paper Bag

Wednesday, March 23

The Babies Put Pudge in Puj Tub

I have loved our Puj Tub, but The Babies have outgrown it much faster than I expected.  So we are in the market for a new baby tub.  I need suggestions from experienced mommies.  

I don't like the huge plastic tubs that take up a lot of space, although, we rarely use the shower in our guest bathroom and could store the tub there.  Also, I have chronic lower back pain from several auto accidents, and I liked that the Puj Tub fit in the kitchen sink so I didn't have to bend. 

What kind of baby tub do you have?  Do you like it?  What don't you like about it?  Is it worth the money you spent on it?  Should I just hold out until they are sitting up on their own and put them in the tub without a baby tub?


Monday, March 7

Easy Spinach Dip Recipe

I finally got my hands on a super yummy spinach dip recipe.  Thanks, Momma Carol! 

1 packge of Knorr dried vegetable soup mix
8 oz of mayonnaise
16 oz sour cream
1 bunch of green onions, finely chopped
1 can of water chestnuts, finely chopped
10 oz package frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained on paper towels

Mix soup mix, mayo, and sour cream together.  Stir in green onions and water chestnuts.  Making sure all of the water is squeezed out, add the spinach a little at a time, stirring in between.  Let sit at least 4 hours but it's best when it sits overnight. 

Because of the consistency, this dip can be eaten with veggies, baguette slices, or even spread on a sandwhich wrap.

Sunday, March 6

Etsy Sunday

I have got spring fever like crazy!  I can't wait to start playing in the dirt this year.  I know a garden is out of the question but hopefully we can save a little money to plant a few herbs. 
I've been researching homemade bird feeders and have a few projects to share with you soon.  Until then, this week's Etsy Sunday is just for Sister.  We'll call it Gnome Sunday.
Crocheted with Red Hat
Mooning Gnome
Scotty the Fun Gnome
Handy Gnome Apron
Gnomeo and His Juliet
Gnome Flipping the Bird
Sleepy Gnome
Mini Gnome
Tiny Vinyl Decal
Gnome Birdbath 
Gnome Sweet Gnome

Saturday, March 5

Key Lime Bars

Have you had these?  Oh. My. Gosh.  They were on sale at Harris Teeter last week (BOGO, I think) so I picked one up.  All of the muffin mixes were gone and only these and Lemon Bars were left.  (At our house, we like lime much more than we like lemon.)  I waited three days before making them and they lasted a whole two days in the fridge.  They were aaaaamaaaazing!
I searched allrecipes for a "key lime bar" recipe and got nothin'.  Does anyone have a recipe close to these babies?  That would be outstanding!

Friday, March 4

Five Question Friday

Sweet 'ole Momma M over at My Little Life used another one of my questions!  (blush)  Number 3 is my suggested question.  That's two in a row.

1. Have you ever forgotten your child in a store or at school?
Well, we haven't had them very long.  Just give it time.

2. Where did you go on your very first date? (Like...first first, not first with your spouse or current significant other!)
I didn't date until college and even then we never went on elaborate dates.  We usually just ended up at Waffle House and drank coffee.  I would go home for the summer and have the worst headaches from caffeine withdraws. 
For my first date with The Pope oddly enough we went to Huddle House.  It was late when we finally met for the first time so we just stopped and talked for a few hours.  I changed my order a few times and the woman sitting behind me said to our waitress (within earshot of me), "Wow, she's high maintenance!"  The Pope should have known then.  Gosh, I love that man.

3. What's your "silly" fear? (We're not talking water and heights.)
When I was little, like middle school age, I watched an episode of Unsolved Mysteries (wasn't that show always so scary!) where a little boy woke up to aliens standing over his bed.  The aliens abducted him and then took him back home.  Later, during an x-ray, a tiny piece of white plastic was found under his skin. 
Big head, huge black eyes, little slit of a mouth....I've been afraid of aliens ever since. 

4. Confrontation: do you cause it, deal with is as it comes, or run far far away?
I am a pretty honest, opinionated person.  If I have a problem with something, or someone comes to me with a problem, I deal with it.  I definitely don't avoid confrontation.

5. Wood floors or carpet?
The Pope and I were just discussing getting rid of the carpet in our house and putting down hardwood floors.  With two dogs, two cats, and two growing babies hardwoods would be soooo much easier to keep clean.  The vacuum will only get up so much crud.  Oh, and I hate to think of The Babies starting to crawl around on this nasty floor.  Bleh!

Monday, February 28

Flip Flop Sculpture

In San Paulo, Brazil local art students helped artist Florentijn Hofman create this Fat Monkey sculpture completely out of Opanka flip flops.  FLIP FLOPS!  It's like a modern Monet, my favorite.
Here are videos of the making of Fat Monkey.
Here's a rubber duck, by the same artist, that floats around the Loire River estuary

Saturday, February 26

Happy Valentine's Day, In March

The Wednesday before Valentine's Day I ordered a gift for The Pope from a seller on Etsy.  I debated between an all natural shaving kit (which he's wanted for a while) or the gift I bought him.  The item I decided on, not handmade, is unusual and was reasonably priced.  Shipping was only $3.
Using paypal, I paid for the item immediately and sat impatiently for the gift to arrive.  (I'm never able to wait to give The Pope his gifts for any holiday.  The excitement just kills me!)
I didn't really expect it to arrive by Valentine's Day (that following Monday).  But I thought maybe by the next Thursday (a week after I purchased it) it would certainly be waiting for him in the mailbox.  Nope.  On the 16th I emailed the seller and asked when I should expect the gift to arrive.  (I specified in the "notes to seller" section that I was buying this item for my husband for Valentine's.)  The seller provided me with the tracking number so, I guess, instead of bugging them I could check the status myself.
Another week went by (two weeks after Valentine's Day) and still no present in the mail.  So in order to hurry things along I thought I should send the seller another message (this is the Carlene in me).....

I have yet to receive this item that I purchased two weeks ago. Using the tracking number you provided below I get this message on "we have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece." When will I receive my item?

I specified in the "notes to seller" section of the original invoice that I was purchasing this as a gift for my husband for Valentine's. Ordering it the Wednesday before Valentine's, I realize I should not have expected it, maybe, by Valentine's Day. However, I certainly would have expected it by now given it is not a handmade item.

I hope this matter can be rectified soon.
Thank you.  

So then I got this message in return, very quickly.

Thanks for your massage,do you mean that you never got this item?or you got it?
well,i shipped it by flat shipping,it will be take approx 15-25days to your country,i hope you will understand.and anyway,it is not a handmade item.

Ignoring the awful punctuation and misuse of words, umm, what???  Fifteen to twenty-five days?  My country?  What do they mean my country?
After a little more investigating I found out that this seller is in CHINA.  Sorry, what?!  I didn't even know Etsy was international.  Way to support the US, huh.  Good grief.  Hopefully The Pope will have his gift before next year's Valentine's Day.  (shrug)

Friday, February 25

Five Question Friday

 Mama M from My Little Life used one of *my* questions for this week's Five Question Friday!  My name is on her blog and everything.  Obviously I am way more excited about this than I should be.  I'm lame.

1. Can you drive a stick shift?
Nope.  Carlene told me about this woman she read about in Reader's Digest, I think, that was kidnapped and couldn't get away because the only vehicle on the property was a stick shift.  My mom tried to teach me, but I never got a chance to put it into practice so I basically forgot. 
I don't know if I believe that story or not.

2. What are two foods you just can't eat?
Before becoming pregnant with our twins I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian for almost 14 years.  But about two months into the pregnancy I started craving meatball subs, BLTs, and even eventually eating a few Wendy's cheeseburgers.  Four months later I am still eating some meat but I still can't stand beets or licorice.  Bleck!   

3. Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies? What is your favorite kind?
I have bought a couple of boxes of Samoas in the past but, in my opinion, they are too expensive.  For $3.50 I expect more than a dinky box of cookies!  The coconut, caramelness of the Samoas is AMAZING.  Edy's even makes a Samoas ice cream.  Oh my gosh!

4. How do you pamper yourself?
These days my idea of pampering is taking a shower daily and brushing my teeth.  Seriously.  Or getting to wear my hair down instead of pulled back all the time.  There's always the risk of someone spitting up in my hair.

5. What is your nickname and how did you get it?
Steph is a common nickname for Stephanie, of course.  But since I was little some of my family members call me "Stuff."  I don't know how it started.  Maybe it's just that it sounds an awful lot like Steph.  (shrug)  And of course there are the mean nicknames the boys in middle school gave me because of my red hair......

Thursday, February 24

Coupon Class II

Several people have asked me how to maximize their couponing.  I wonder the same thing myself.  Last week during Harris Teeter's super doubles I made three trips to the store and saved a total of 43% for the week.  That's the best I've done so far.  My goal for this year is to reach a savings of 60-75%.

Here are a few more pointers for getting the most out of your coupons:
-I've heard if you get the paper delivered, the coupon inserts aren't included.

-You can stack coupons. Stacking coupons is when you use multiple coupons for the same item. You can't use the exact same coupon but you can use a store coupon and manufacture's coupon.

-The best way I've found to organize the coupon inserts from the paper: use a file folder to organize the inserts by date. You'll see on Southern Savers lists it gives a date to find the coupon. That way you don't have to cut out all of the coupons, only the ones you'll use when you need 'em.

-The whole point of using coupons is to never pay full price for an item.  Items rotate and go on sale about every 6 weeks.  Wait to buy the item when it's on sale and use a coupon.  That's how you maximize your couponing.

-Initially you need to work to stock up and make a surplus of groceries.  This may take you about 3 months to get together.  Hopefully after that, you have enough in your surplus you only buy what's on sale and what you also have a coupon for. 

If you're still confused after reading my first Coupon Class post and this one, go over to Southern Savers and maybe Jenny's explanation will help.  She's super!  Jenny also travels around the southeast teaching coupon workshops.  Here's a link to her calendar of classes.
Something else I dig on her site....she has a spreadsheet to keep track of how much you're saving.  Yeah, I totally have one downloaded.  As soon as I get the groceries put away I sit down with my receipts and enter the total spent and total saved.  It's so great.

Wednesday, February 23

Mommy 101

I originally wrote this when The Babies were 6 weeks old.  Several girlfriends are pregnant or have newborns, so I thought they could benefit from the things I learned along the way.

1. Learn to swaddle!  We feed the babies, burp 'em, swaddle, and put them back in the crib.  They fall right to sleep.  We swaddle the babies first in a receiving blanket and then in a Swaddle Me.  That seems to work best.
2.  Staging is everything.  My OCD tendencies have come in handy as a mommy.  Staging, as I call it, helps tremendously especially with two.  After each feeding I wash the bottles so they are ready for the next feeding.  I lay out burp clothes before hand and even put in a dvd at the end of the feeding.  Then next time I'm all set in case the babies are screaming for food, I just push play.  Same thing with the breast pump, have it all ready and set up.  You get the idea.
3.  Make a plan and throw it out the window.  I've heard this expression before but I appreciate it in a whole new way.  Besides coming home with two healthy babies, nothing else has worked out the way I wanted. 
4.  Research stuff now.  I wish I would have looked into breastfeeding more before the babies got here.  Maybe I wouldn't have gotten so upset because I would have known what was normal. 
5.  If people bring you food, have a notebook for them to write down their address before they leave.  Then it's there for you to send them a quick thank you note.  I thought of this but only asked one couple to write their address down.  But it's not as though I've had time to write thank yous.....
6.  Sleep when the baby sleeps.  I'm sure people have told you this already but it is SO TRUE!  Forget everything else, let your husband take care of it.  Your priorities are you and the baby. 
7.  If you're breastfeeding....
-Meet with the lactation consultant at the hospital.  Once you leave the hospital, you have to pay (a lot) for their advice.   I met with a LC at home ($40 for the visit).  She was amazing and totally worth the money.  She gave me the confidence and reassurance I needed.
-Your milk may take a few days/weeks to fully come in.
-Fenugreek is an herb that will help with your supply if need be.  We had to research to find out about it.  When you smell like maple syrup, you know you're getting enough.  One day I woke up and my armpits smelled like pancakes!  True story.
-Start using nipple cream NOW.  Breastfeeding is gonna hurt, so the sooner you can start toughening them up, the better.  Your OB may prescribe a compounded nipple cream that it worth the money.   
-You’re gonna have to eat and drink a lot.  I tried to eat every time I breastfed, just so I remembered to eat.
-It helps to pump after each time you feed.  Not that you’ll feel like it always but it helps increase your milk supply.
8.  Let me say it again.  Your priority should be to take care of you and your baby.  Don’t worry about the other stuff.
9.   If you’re cloth diapering, pre-stage the diapers.  We use the bikini twist and it helps to prefold the diapers that way so when you have a squirmy baby on the changing table, it’s done.  STAGING!
10.  It’s not unusual for babies to lose weight the first week after being born.  The average weight loss is 10% of their birth weight.  We didn’t know this and I freaked out a little at our first check up.
11. Colace (docusate sodium) will be your best friend.  And know that you can take up to 6 a day.

Monday, February 21

Proctor & Gamble Coupons

Sign up to receive the new Procter & Gamble Home Mailer.  The coupon book contains over $35 worth of savings.  I requested one for us, Carlene, and Maw.  Expect the coupons in 4-6 weeks.

-Thanks Jenny

Sunday, February 20

Etsy Sunday

Today I'd like to focus on the oddities of Etsy.  Just look at these amazingly strange things I have found for you.
Egg Shell Art- Goldfish
Man Face Beetle Collection 222
Furry Flask
Zombie Foot Necklace
Industrial Cactus Lamp
45mm Brass Casings  -Didn't know you could make money off of these, not on Etsy.
Set of Dentures Soap
Pink Fetus Catnip Toy

Friday, February 18

Five Question Friday

I have joined the bandwagon of other bloggers already participating in Five Question Friday, hosted by My Little Life.

1. Have you worn the same outfit more than one day in a row?
As a mother of four month old twins it is not unusual for me to spend two consecutive days in the same yoga pants and hoodie.  And even on day two, I may only change my outfit because someone spit up on me.  True story.

2. If you had to choose any LARGE city to live in, which would it be?
Hands down I would choose Memphis.  Granted I've only visited but the city was amazing.  The people were incredible; there was no segregation.  Everyone was having a great time dancing and socializing on Beale St.  Your race, age, or place in life didn't matter.  And then there's Elvis.....

3. Fly or drive with the kids on vacation?
With all of our family living at least an hour away, we're pretty used to driving all over.  I can't imagine trying to keep up with children (big or small) and luggage, or navigating airports.  Night-mare!

4. What is your idea of "spring cleaning"?
 I don't think I clean more around springtime.  I guess I should.  (shrug)  I know there is sort of a list of annual projects you should do around the house (ie flip matteresses).  I suppose it would be a good idea to have such a plan.  "Every April we flip the mattresses and wash the curtains."  Maybe we'll get there one day. 

5. What is the best book you have ever read?
I'm not much of a reader.  I barely read (or didn't read) books for school that were required.  I remember having to read Beowulf during my senior year of high school.  Bleh!  
Now onto the question....I read The Time Traveler's Wife years before the movie came out.  It was fantastic.  It was such a different book from what I had read before.  The imagination and emotion that it stirred up was super.  I cried and cried!  (I also really liked The Red Tent.)

Monday, February 14

The King Potato

A second Elvis Mr Potato Head is being released soon!  The new toy will be released at the 2011 New York Toy Fair.  The new version will replicate Elvis' '68 Comeback Special and will include the famous (sexy as hell) black leather suit and mic stand.  Five hundred lucky customers will also find a gold microphone stand included in their box.  The Mr Potato Head Elvis '68 Special will be available at specialty shops for $20.  You can pre-order yours here.

Watch an excerpt from the '68 Comeback Special here.

Thursday, February 10

Cloth Diapering Twins

There have been so many things that I wanted for my delivery and for my babies (which reminds me I haven't shared my delivery story yet).  I wanted a natural delivery with no drugs and little assistance from the doctors.  The idea of a huge needle in my spine always freaked me out!  Well I did end up with a needle in my spine and a c-section.
Then there was breastfeeding.  I always knew I definitely wanted to breastfeed my children even before I was married.  When I got pregnant, that desire was reconfirmed.  Five weeks into breastfeeding two babies, I decided it wasn't for me.  The babies weren't gaining weight like the doctors would have liked and I was exhausted.  So now they are strictly formula fed.  *If you're pregnant, I highly recommend taking a breastfeeding class.  I wish I would have.  I guess I assumed since I had larger than average breasts, I wouldn't have any trouble breastfeeding.  Wrong!
One of the other hot topics I was passionate about during my pregnancy was cloth diapering.  My mom cloth diapered both Sister and me, and the idea of spending all of that money on disposable plastic didn't seem like the right thing to do.  Most people told me I was crazy to think I could cloth diaper two babies.  (You know how when you're pregnant you get all kinds of unsolicited advice?)  Sure we have to wash diapers every other day, but it's just sort of become part of our routine.  And to know we aren't adding to the loads of diaper waste already in landfills is great.  I am so glad there is at least one thing that worked out for me.
We bought our supplies from Mothering Grace.  We use indian prefolds in combination with Thirsties Duo Wrap covers.    (I prefer the velcro closure covers instead of the snaps.  With wiggly newborns, the velcro is much easier.)
To wash our diapers we start with a cold rinse.  (If the diapers are extra poopy we add an extra rinse to this cycle.)  Then we wash our diapers in a hot cycle (always rinse a second time after this cycle) with Purex Free & Clear detergent.  Here's a great list of detergents to use/not use with cloth diapers.  Never use bleach or softener when washing cloth diapers.  Hanging your diapers in the sun will naturally bleach any remaining stains.   

Here's a great article comparing cloth and disposable diapers.

Saturday, January 29

Fight Like Hell

I wanted to share this blog post Sister wrote.  Please pass it along.

Lance Armstrong once said, "We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up or fight like hell." I'm gonna go with fight like hell. How bout you?
Each year the government, along with private "investors" pay doctors and researchers to help find a cure for AIDS. So far, since the infection was first reported in 1981 by the CDC, there have been major breakthroughs. People can now live years on medication while being HIV positive and the disease not progress into AIDS for a very long time. Even without treatment one can learn that he or she is HIV positive and live for years before AIDS becomes a "hindrance" to them and they eventual die from it.
In 2008, AIDS research was given roughly 16 billion dollars globally. There are many studies being done on patients who are HIV positive, have AIDS already, and also on patients that have died from the disease. Prevention in many cases is possible.
This is not about AIDS. This is about 21,000 women in America who die each year due to lack of research, knowledge, and funding.
This is about cancer. And no, I'm not talking about breast cancer for the 80 billionth time. Breast cancer awareness is everywhere you turn. It has more followers on facebook than the President.
I'm talking about Ovarian Cancer. It is the same mutated cancerous gene as breast cancer but far less is known about it. 79% of women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer in stage IV...thats the last stage, for those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about.
I'm going to tell you what the reasons are that it isn't caught sooner.
  • One, because of the symptoms. By the time a woman has noticeable symptoms she's already in stage IV.
  • Two, there are really only two ways to know if you might have ovarian cancer. The first is with a transvaginal ultrasound, which is not routine. The other is a blood test called CA-125 which is, also, not routine.
Even if your CA-125 levels are off a bit, it still may not indicate ovarian cancer. There are a few reasons the levels could be out of balance. One is that you may have a benign cyst, the doctor will tell you to wait a few weeks and come back to check the levels again. But what if you already have ovarian cancer? Those few weeks are critical. The transvaginal ultrasound is a bit more reliable but not by much. This will also show what may be benign cysts, only if the cysts are without a doubt abnormal is your doctor going to not want to wait a few weeks and check back.
While your doctor is waiting, your cancer may be spreading and/or getting worse. Do you want to take that chance?
While Breast Cancer is a serious thing, a rather noninvasive surgery can be done. A small biopsy can be taken and sent off. To do a similar biopsy when Ovarian Cancer is a possibility they have to go in through your abdomen which becomes very invasive.
Research, or just years experience, has helped us gain the knowledge to make an "at risk" test called Brca1 and Brca2. This is also a blood test that looks at the genes consistent with Breast and Ovarian cancers to see if there is any type of mutation.
Breast and Ovarian cancer are hereditary. So if your grandmother had breast cancer you could be at risk for either of these. The more common it is among your family the higher your chances are of developing one of these diseases.
The Brca test doesn't mean that you will definitely get cancer, nor does it mean that you already have cancer. What the Brca test will do is tell you if you are at risk of maybe later developing cancer.
What if the test says you are at risk? Well, for one, your medical insurance company could treat you differently, your rates could change because you are "at risk". How is that even fair?! What can you do to keep from maybe developing cancer? Have surgery. Have your ovaries removed. If you are at high risk that's the only way to ensure you won't develop the disease.
They think, based on the small amount of research done, that taking the birth control pill lowers your chances. But not by much. You are still at risk, you can still develop it, and you could still die from it. Remember that by the time you show symptoms you're often in stage IV.
So how is it that more research isn't being done on this, "silent killer"? Each year billions of dollars are spent on research for other things. Things that can be detected early, treated, and things you can live with, healthy and happy, for years. Not even half of that is spent on ovarian cancer research, roughly 6 million dollars a year.
I'm currently trying to find an Ovarian Cancer research study to join. Anything I can find that I'm eligible for, not only for my benefit but for others as well. The studies I've found are being done on women that have been treated once and the cancer is recurring. Those are the few lucky women that happen to detect the disease early somehow. I'm more than willing to do whatever it would take to be part of a study that could help doctors understand, lower risks, or treat Ovarian cancer. If there was more of an awareness, more funding, more research, I could be part of that. I could be part of saving a life or making life a little better for a sister, a mother, a daughter, an aunt, or a friend.
You see, I'm at the highest risk for developing ovarian cancer, as is my sister. Our aunt passed away two months ago at the age of 41 due to ovarian cancer. She died on December 2nd. The first time she had any symptom of the disease was October 2nd. In further research we have since found that our great-great grandmother and great grandmother also died of this disease. Our great grandmother was just 31 years old when she passed, leaving behind her husband and young children.
My options right now are limited. I'm 22 years old, I have no children and there is a very likely chance I'll later develop ovarian cancer. I could get the surgery and never have kids. But who can make such a decision on such limited information at the age of 22? I know I can't.
So my hope is to raise a little awareness for those of you that may be unaware of what this disease is about and how many lives it claims. So that you can tell others and be aware of the signs so it doesn't claim more lives.
I know what this does to families. I know what it feels like to go through it and watch it happen. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, so please be aware. Listen to your body. Don't dismiss little things, they can add up. And seriously, talk to your doctor! If we can raise the awareness and get more research done and learn more about this. My kids might not have to go through what my aunt did, or their kids, or my niece, or someone you love.

You can look up Ovations for the Cure there you will find all the symptoms listed. Along with other ways to help raise awareness. Please don't dismiss this, its very serious. Just take a second to check it out.

Thursday, January 27

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I sometimes like to use my blog as more of a notepad or place to dump the thoughts in my head, and if someone reads it, super cool!
Below I have compiled a list of my current favorites for you to check out.  Maybe a few will become your favorites, too.

Look at these amazing pictures, a technique you could do, too.  So nifty!   They don't look real.

I love this hand embroidery pattern, Floral Fantasy, from Sublime Stitching.  Hand embroidering, for me, is like coloring with thread instead of crayons. 

I wish we had a place to put this ornate chalkboard sticker in our house.  The detail is great.

Owls are so trendy now and although I prefer to go against the grain, I have gotten caught up in the owl following.  This is the cutest cookie jar ever!  It's turquoise!!!  (Pictures of recent owl project coming soon.)

I really dig the entire line of Melissa & Doug toys but I especially like this mail themed "fill and spill."  Don't you remember playing mailman when you were little?  There was even a Muppet Babies episode where they played mailroom. 

While I'm folding clothes, folding diapers, and feeding babies I watch episodes of Masterchef Australia on Youtube.  They have tons of challenges and they have a "Master Class" where the chefs teach the amatuers kitchen skills. 

I ran across this clip from "This Is Elvis," a documentary about Elvis Presley.  I've never seen the film but of course I would love to see it and own it.  I'm not sure what to think about this Elvis.  I prefer to think of him as being perfect and innocent like the 1956 Elvis.  Guess he was a real person and certainly a womanizer.

Monday, January 17

Michelle Money

Who does Michelle, from The Bachelor, look like?  I can't place it.  Is it Elizabeth Hurley or Lauren Conrad?
Michelle Money
Elizabeth Hurley
Lauren Conrad

Wednesday, January 12

Constipated Baby

I've become that woman...the woman that discusses her childrens' bowel movements.  Although slightly disgusting, this post is meant as a helpful tip for new mommies.
Today's tip:  a little Karo Syrup in your baby's bottle helps to relieve constipation.  Start with just a little (maybe 1/2 teaspoon) and adjust as needed.
With two babies on soy formula (soy is gentler on the stomach but has an awful side effect......) we use a lot of syrup.  We have found that 1/2 cup of Karo Syrup added to our 3 pint pitcher of formula does the job.  Light or dark syrup work fine, but remember the dark will turn the formula an odd shade of brown. 
I hope that all of my "mommy posts" can be used by someone like me, who might not know all the tricks and shortcuts to babying.  Always remember to consult your pediatrician for your baby's needs.   

Wednesday, January 5


I haven't been around much lately (two babies keep a woman pretty darn busy).  So here's what's happened in the last few months.

Sisters:  Heather, Rhonda, and Carlene

On December 2 my aunt, Rhonda, passed away of ovarian cancer.  After suffering severe abdominal pain, she went to the emergency room and was admitted to the hospital.  They found a mass in her abdomen and two months later she passed away.
Most women that die from ovarian and uterine cancer have a similar story.  You usually don't have symptoms until the cancer is full blown and it's too late for treatment.  There is, however, a blood test you can get now to predict your risk for ovarian and breast cancer.  Please read this website for more information.

Alex and Ayden, aka The Babies, turned two months old December 16th. 
Christmas.  Can you find The Babies?

And to end our year, we bought a new car....a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder.  We were lucky to find a great deal on this vehicle and drove all the way to Sandy Springs GA (just north of Atlanta) to pick it up.  Now I will have no trouble driving the babies around town! 

My dreams came true this year and I am eager to see what 2011 has instore for our family.

Tuesday, January 4

Quilted Cupcake Sewing Machine

Etsy posted this photo on Facebook.  Isn't it just amazing?!  Everything looks better with a little colorful bling.