Wednesday, March 23

The Babies Put Pudge in Puj Tub

I have loved our Puj Tub, but The Babies have outgrown it much faster than I expected.  So we are in the market for a new baby tub.  I need suggestions from experienced mommies.  

I don't like the huge plastic tubs that take up a lot of space, although, we rarely use the shower in our guest bathroom and could store the tub there.  Also, I have chronic lower back pain from several auto accidents, and I liked that the Puj Tub fit in the kitchen sink so I didn't have to bend. 

What kind of baby tub do you have?  Do you like it?  What don't you like about it?  Is it worth the money you spent on it?  Should I just hold out until they are sitting up on their own and put them in the tub without a baby tub?



  1. We bought the First Years newborn to toddler tub-sure comfort deluxe. $19.99 BRU. Got great reviews (based on hundreds of reviews, not just a few). When leah was here the other day she said that was the tub they use for canaan too-and that when he outgrows they just do reg tub. (Not sure if he's still using that or if he's now in tub. It has a self drain and little sections to hold cloths etc. I had same concern @ leaning over tub (bad on back) so we got the tubside kneeler as well. Can be used as toddler stepstool later. Obviously haven't tried it yet but if u want to borrow til Noah gets here u are welcome to try it out.

  2. I hated our tub! It was hard plastic and dangerous! I ended up using one of the bear sponge things in the tub until she could sit up a little then got a bath seat that I loved!

  3. We have one of the regular plastic tubs. Kenzie is almost 9 months old and still fits in it. I like it bc I can put it on the bathroom counter and i don't have to bend over the tub which kills my back. She can sit up in the tub alone...that's the way Jarrod prefers to bathe her...but she's still pretty slippery and I'd rather save my back! :o) It's much easier when they're older and you can just sit on the side of the tub instead of kneeling on the floor!