Sunday, March 27

(Not) Etsy Sunday

Instead of window shopping on Etsy, this week I've been over looking at all the goodies to be had at Anthropologie.  I could never actually afford any of their things, but oh goodness, if I had all of the money in the world......
They sell beautiful vintage inspired clothes and fabulous handbags (drool).  But they also sell amazing home goods, too.  Of course that's what I found most appealing.
Imprinted Pallete Egg Caddy
Wide-Eyed Dishtowel
Sewing Basket Apron and they have a matching children's size!
Utensil Go Round Spinner  LOVE this
Frukost Dishtowel
Pure and Good Hand Duo
Tea & Crumpets Apron
Barista Dishtowel
Farmer's Egg Crate
Jitterbug Apron
Washable Paper Bag

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