Thursday, January 27

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I sometimes like to use my blog as more of a notepad or place to dump the thoughts in my head, and if someone reads it, super cool!
Below I have compiled a list of my current favorites for you to check out.  Maybe a few will become your favorites, too.

Look at these amazing pictures, a technique you could do, too.  So nifty!   They don't look real.

I love this hand embroidery pattern, Floral Fantasy, from Sublime Stitching.  Hand embroidering, for me, is like coloring with thread instead of crayons. 

I wish we had a place to put this ornate chalkboard sticker in our house.  The detail is great.

Owls are so trendy now and although I prefer to go against the grain, I have gotten caught up in the owl following.  This is the cutest cookie jar ever!  It's turquoise!!!  (Pictures of recent owl project coming soon.)

I really dig the entire line of Melissa & Doug toys but I especially like this mail themed "fill and spill."  Don't you remember playing mailman when you were little?  There was even a Muppet Babies episode where they played mailroom. 

While I'm folding clothes, folding diapers, and feeding babies I watch episodes of Masterchef Australia on Youtube.  They have tons of challenges and they have a "Master Class" where the chefs teach the amatuers kitchen skills. 

I ran across this clip from "This Is Elvis," a documentary about Elvis Presley.  I've never seen the film but of course I would love to see it and own it.  I'm not sure what to think about this Elvis.  I prefer to think of him as being perfect and innocent like the 1956 Elvis.  Guess he was a real person and certainly a womanizer.

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