Wednesday, January 5


I haven't been around much lately (two babies keep a woman pretty darn busy).  So here's what's happened in the last few months.

Sisters:  Heather, Rhonda, and Carlene

On December 2 my aunt, Rhonda, passed away of ovarian cancer.  After suffering severe abdominal pain, she went to the emergency room and was admitted to the hospital.  They found a mass in her abdomen and two months later she passed away.
Most women that die from ovarian and uterine cancer have a similar story.  You usually don't have symptoms until the cancer is full blown and it's too late for treatment.  There is, however, a blood test you can get now to predict your risk for ovarian and breast cancer.  Please read this website for more information.

Alex and Ayden, aka The Babies, turned two months old December 16th. 
Christmas.  Can you find The Babies?

And to end our year, we bought a new car....a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder.  We were lucky to find a great deal on this vehicle and drove all the way to Sandy Springs GA (just north of Atlanta) to pick it up.  Now I will have no trouble driving the babies around town! 

My dreams came true this year and I am eager to see what 2011 has instore for our family.


  1. you have had a busy year!
    i'm sorry to hear about your aunt. my mom is still getting scans every three months...her last one showed a spot to keep an eye on, but she was thankful to not have to start treatment or have surgery during this time of
    new life with us.
    i was wondering if the babies are on formula...we are using our cloth diapers and his poo doesn't stink so bad with breastfeeding. i wanted to inquire about your cloth diapering...we soak the soiled diapers before washing them and it seems to help with the cleaning. what is your method? you use prefolds, right? do they stain?

  2. ps. i didn't realize the babies are exactly 2 months older than remi.