Thursday, February 10

Cloth Diapering Twins

There have been so many things that I wanted for my delivery and for my babies (which reminds me I haven't shared my delivery story yet).  I wanted a natural delivery with no drugs and little assistance from the doctors.  The idea of a huge needle in my spine always freaked me out!  Well I did end up with a needle in my spine and a c-section.
Then there was breastfeeding.  I always knew I definitely wanted to breastfeed my children even before I was married.  When I got pregnant, that desire was reconfirmed.  Five weeks into breastfeeding two babies, I decided it wasn't for me.  The babies weren't gaining weight like the doctors would have liked and I was exhausted.  So now they are strictly formula fed.  *If you're pregnant, I highly recommend taking a breastfeeding class.  I wish I would have.  I guess I assumed since I had larger than average breasts, I wouldn't have any trouble breastfeeding.  Wrong!
One of the other hot topics I was passionate about during my pregnancy was cloth diapering.  My mom cloth diapered both Sister and me, and the idea of spending all of that money on disposable plastic didn't seem like the right thing to do.  Most people told me I was crazy to think I could cloth diaper two babies.  (You know how when you're pregnant you get all kinds of unsolicited advice?)  Sure we have to wash diapers every other day, but it's just sort of become part of our routine.  And to know we aren't adding to the loads of diaper waste already in landfills is great.  I am so glad there is at least one thing that worked out for me.
We bought our supplies from Mothering Grace.  We use indian prefolds in combination with Thirsties Duo Wrap covers.    (I prefer the velcro closure covers instead of the snaps.  With wiggly newborns, the velcro is much easier.)
To wash our diapers we start with a cold rinse.  (If the diapers are extra poopy we add an extra rinse to this cycle.)  Then we wash our diapers in a hot cycle (always rinse a second time after this cycle) with Purex Free & Clear detergent.  Here's a great list of detergents to use/not use with cloth diapers.  Never use bleach or softener when washing cloth diapers.  Hanging your diapers in the sun will naturally bleach any remaining stains.   

Here's a great article comparing cloth and disposable diapers.

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  1. Good for you for cloth diapering two babies! When someone says you can't do it they just mean they can't!