Saturday, February 26

Happy Valentine's Day, In March

The Wednesday before Valentine's Day I ordered a gift for The Pope from a seller on Etsy.  I debated between an all natural shaving kit (which he's wanted for a while) or the gift I bought him.  The item I decided on, not handmade, is unusual and was reasonably priced.  Shipping was only $3.
Using paypal, I paid for the item immediately and sat impatiently for the gift to arrive.  (I'm never able to wait to give The Pope his gifts for any holiday.  The excitement just kills me!)
I didn't really expect it to arrive by Valentine's Day (that following Monday).  But I thought maybe by the next Thursday (a week after I purchased it) it would certainly be waiting for him in the mailbox.  Nope.  On the 16th I emailed the seller and asked when I should expect the gift to arrive.  (I specified in the "notes to seller" section that I was buying this item for my husband for Valentine's.)  The seller provided me with the tracking number so, I guess, instead of bugging them I could check the status myself.
Another week went by (two weeks after Valentine's Day) and still no present in the mail.  So in order to hurry things along I thought I should send the seller another message (this is the Carlene in me).....

I have yet to receive this item that I purchased two weeks ago. Using the tracking number you provided below I get this message on "we have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece." When will I receive my item?

I specified in the "notes to seller" section of the original invoice that I was purchasing this as a gift for my husband for Valentine's. Ordering it the Wednesday before Valentine's, I realize I should not have expected it, maybe, by Valentine's Day. However, I certainly would have expected it by now given it is not a handmade item.

I hope this matter can be rectified soon.
Thank you.  

So then I got this message in return, very quickly.

Thanks for your massage,do you mean that you never got this item?or you got it?
well,i shipped it by flat shipping,it will be take approx 15-25days to your country,i hope you will understand.and anyway,it is not a handmade item.

Ignoring the awful punctuation and misuse of words, umm, what???  Fifteen to twenty-five days?  My country?  What do they mean my country?
After a little more investigating I found out that this seller is in CHINA.  Sorry, what?!  I didn't even know Etsy was international.  Way to support the US, huh.  Good grief.  Hopefully The Pope will have his gift before next year's Valentine's Day.  (shrug)

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