Thursday, February 24

Coupon Class II

Several people have asked me how to maximize their couponing.  I wonder the same thing myself.  Last week during Harris Teeter's super doubles I made three trips to the store and saved a total of 43% for the week.  That's the best I've done so far.  My goal for this year is to reach a savings of 60-75%.

Here are a few more pointers for getting the most out of your coupons:
-I've heard if you get the paper delivered, the coupon inserts aren't included.

-You can stack coupons. Stacking coupons is when you use multiple coupons for the same item. You can't use the exact same coupon but you can use a store coupon and manufacture's coupon.

-The best way I've found to organize the coupon inserts from the paper: use a file folder to organize the inserts by date. You'll see on Southern Savers lists it gives a date to find the coupon. That way you don't have to cut out all of the coupons, only the ones you'll use when you need 'em.

-The whole point of using coupons is to never pay full price for an item.  Items rotate and go on sale about every 6 weeks.  Wait to buy the item when it's on sale and use a coupon.  That's how you maximize your couponing.

-Initially you need to work to stock up and make a surplus of groceries.  This may take you about 3 months to get together.  Hopefully after that, you have enough in your surplus you only buy what's on sale and what you also have a coupon for. 

If you're still confused after reading my first Coupon Class post and this one, go over to Southern Savers and maybe Jenny's explanation will help.  She's super!  Jenny also travels around the southeast teaching coupon workshops.  Here's a link to her calendar of classes.
Something else I dig on her site....she has a spreadsheet to keep track of how much you're saving.  Yeah, I totally have one downloaded.  As soon as I get the groceries put away I sit down with my receipts and enter the total spent and total saved.  It's so great.

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