Wednesday, March 24

Coupon Class

Tonight I went to Couponing 101 taught at church by our friend Jodi.  I left slightly overwhelmed but excited by the challenge of saving money.  With two babies on the way we need to save in every way possible.
Here are a few tips Jodi shared with us (I'll just give out a few, she gave us tons!):
-Buy a big city newspaper every Sunday, maybe two (for us that means the Raleigh paper)
-Check out for a list of weekly sale items at several different stores and where to find coupons for each of those items.  That's how you save your money, using coupons for sale items!
-Make sure you know the coupon rules for your store (ie double coupons everyday, 20 coupons per day limit)
-Just because a coupon says "Do Not Double or Triple" doesn't mean it won't double or triple at the register.  If the first number in the bar code (on the coupon) is a 5 it will usually double, if it's a 9 the coupon will probably not double.

Thank you Jodi for lots of great, useful information!


  1. Do you have a tutorial with any additional tips for a new Mom just getting started??

  2. I've heard if you get the paper delivered, the coupon inserts aren't included.
    You can stack coupons. Stacking coupons is when you use multiple coupons for the same item. You can't use the exact same coupon but a store coupon and manufacture coupon or two manufactures coupons.
    The best way I've found to organize the coupon inserts from the paper: use a file folder to organize the inserts by date. You'll see on Southern Savers lists it gives a date to find the coupon. That way you don't have to cut out all of the coupons, only the ones you'll use when you need 'em.