Thursday, March 25

Missed Connections

Relationships are so different than they used to be, especially the way folks hook up.  For example, my grandparents (Maw and Paw) met on the way to church.  Paw and his friends were hitching a ride with some other teenagers.  The car was super full and Maw, even though Paw had a girlfriend at the time, offered for Paw to sit on her lap.  Gasp!  Then take The Pope and me;  we met on the internet.
I've read articles about how it is more difficult for singles to get together even because of cell phones (one of my pet peeves!).  A dude might notice an attractive woman in the grocery store but he can't approach her because she's yacking on her cell phone.

Here's a blog that posts missed connections, like the old personal ads, and makes a drawing depicting that scenario.  Some are really super sweet and some are just really random.  Isn't it cool to think people still meet this way?  This is my favorite one thus far....

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  1. Oh the simple days.... Funny how progress slows us down.