Tuesday, June 9

Our Story

As many of you know, my husband and I met online, not in a chat room and certainly not playing World of Warcraft. We met on eHarmony.

In 2005 I tried eHarmony several times, signing up for 3 months at a time. First I tried it October, November, and December and realized there were losers on the internet just like in real life. I sort of thought my money was wasted. Well I must say they have a great advertising team over there at eHarmony because the commercials got me every time! So February rolled around and I decided to try it out again. I was matched with unemployed men, poor disabled guys, single dads, the list goes on. And again I was turned off of online dating thinking I was destined to live my life like Bridget Jones. Then about September of 2006 the commercials got to me again. The (supposedly real) couples seemed sincerely happy with one another. And the guys were good looking, not trolls at all!

I had been signed up and meeting not-so-great-guys for a month when I was matched with a dude from Wilmington named Jon. Jon's profile stated he worked in "government" and his picture was none too shabby. I was sure he would close the match and not correspond with me (I never initiated matches). Apparently this Jon had a thing for redheads because just a day or two after being matched, Jon initiated conversation.

A month went by with super long emails through eHarmony, and Jon sent me his phone number. I remember his email said, "you can imagine my trepidation as I send this to you." Of course I thought that was great word usage.

I was on the way to Starbucks to meet a girlfriend and thought that would be the perfect time to give Jon a quick call. We had a great, short conversation. After that we talked on the phone for about two weeks before Jon asked about meeting in Charleston (a 3 hour drive for both of us; Jon in Wilmington and me in Augusta). We had a great weekend in Charleston getting to know one another better, geocaching, and window shopping on King St.

Two weeks later, Jon went to Augusta for Christmas with my family and then the next weekend we both went to Raleigh for Christmas with his family. We dated long distance for 8 months before I moved to Wilmington, September 2007. Jon proposed December 2008 and we will celebrate our one year anniversary June 28.

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  1. Great story.
    Your blog is really interesting and engaging.
    I can completely relate as I too am a conservative hippy so to speak.
    Wonderful reads.