Monday, June 15

I heart my flat wallet!

I am not usually into following the crowd and owning the most trendy things. However, TONS of chicks have come into the pharmacy lately with these super cute flat wallets. These woman seem so organized plus the outside of the wallets are so darn cute. Well today this woman came through the drive-thru. She had one of these great wallets, too! I complimented her and asked her where she got it. "Everyone is carrying these wallets. Where did you get yours? I have searched online and don't know what it's called." She asked if I really liked it and told me she would be back later. About 30 minutes later she came through the drive-thru again with a flat wallet for me! It is bright blue, fake alligator great. I told the woman I didn't have any cash to pay her for the wallet. I also offered to make her homemade dog biscuits for her puppy. (Is that lame?) She told me just to "pass it forward."
How wonderfully nice?!

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