Sunday, June 14

Domestic Direction: cleaning your refrigerator

I have almost always wanted a family to serve and organize. I love being domestic and I love a clean house. In college, my mom bought a book for me all about keeping house, Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House. This book covers everything! It's 845 pages of great information on how to keep your house spick and span. So my plan is to share the information I have found useful in this book.

Todays lesson: cleaning your refrigerator
How often do you not only throw away all of your moldy leftovers but also clean your fridge? Think about it....your fridge is the home for a lot of your food before you eat it. Not only that, odors in the fridge are unpleasant and can then contaminate the taste of juice, milk, and other foods. This is what Cheryl Mendelson recommends for keeping your refrigerator looking and smelling nice:
-every few days throw away out of date, moldy, slimy, and smelly foods
-rotate food so that newer items are placed in the back
-clean your fridge before going to the grocery store so it is empty and clean for new items
Scrubbing your refrigerator:
-set not quickly perishable foods on the counter; crowd highly perishable foods on one or two shelves
-remove as many drawers and shelves as possible
-starting at the top and working down, wash the enterior of the fridge (walls and door) with hot vinegar water (white vinegar)
-wash the drawers and shelves in hot soapy water, rinse well, dry, and replace

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