Monday, September 20

Ridiculous Baby Items

I am sure there are things that I have already said, "Pssh!  I'm not doing that with my kids" that I'll totally end up doing later.  (It's easy to plan how you'll raise your children while they're still just two little aliens moving around in your belly.)  I am open to a few things changing, despite my OCD-Type A Personality.
While browsing Babies R Us I ran across this ridiculous thing.  Seriously?!  I can't imagine ever using this.  Now I know the metal pieces of the buckle get super hot sitting in the car but the whole seat?  It looks like an astro-baby carseat or a ginormous baked potato.  Wow. 
I have to go right now in search of more absurd baby items to add to this post.

Okay, what about the movement monitors?  Aren't you already freaked out enough having a new baby, especially as a new mom?  I don't need some thing beeping at me everytime The Babies aren't moving.  Good grief, I'd be a nervous wreck!   
Speaking of monitors, I don't get the video baby monitors.  A girlfriend and I discussed the pros of having an audio and visual monitor.  I still don't get it.  Not to mention, they ain't cheap.
The Tummy Tub, have you seen this?  I think my first response when The Pope and I saw one was, "umm, that's a bucket."  It looks dreadful for the baby.
Here are a few more lists full of random, sometimes scary, baby items.


  1. I can't tell you how many times I wished I had the video baby monitor! My friend had one and it was so great! It would be so great to just look at the monitor and know she's ok instead of going in there 1000 times a night, especially in the beginning! Leslie Mousa

  2. I know- I was sad when I saw the cost of the video monitors:( I prob would have thought they were ridiculous were it not 4 two different families I babysat had them and it made a world of difference. It was great bc when I heard them cry I would check the video and see if she really needed something or if she was just crying 4 attention and bc she didn't want 2 be napping. But the cost is crazy. I may try 2 find a used one.

  3. The video monitor is awesome! It gives me peace of mind and I don't think Hudson would be sleepping in his room YET if we didn't have it. It will be great too when he's a little older to have to keep an "eye" on him as he plays in his room. We started off with just the audio monitor, but when it was time for him to be moved to his bed I had to purchase it.

  4. Wow, not even sure what say about the scary ones. But the snot sucker was just plain gross. Now I can see why someone invented the car seat cover. After having babies in Texas. car seat buckles get very hot. BUT a towel works great and is free. I have to agree with the video monitors opinions. I almost got a used one because a friend had one. It would have been great to see them when they are "crying". And There are so many times you want to open the door to see if they are sleeping but you don't want to wake them. My friend had an angel monitor for her third after losing a baby.