Thursday, September 9

My Attempt At A Grammar Lesson

I hate hearing bad grammar, I instead of me, "Bring me to the store," then and than.  Oh, it kills me!  Not that I use purfect Engrish all the time, you read my blog, you know.  I type like I talk.  And honestly, some of these, I'm not too sure about myself.  So consider this a refresher course for us all.

Bring and Take
From your perspective, things can only be brought to you, not taken to you. 
Someone brings something to your location.  You take something to someone else.

You're and Your
You're is a contraction of you and are.  Easily replace you're with you are and see if it makes sense.
Your is a possessive pronoun.  "Your dingo ate my baby." 

Their, They're, There
Their is to be used when you're discussing people.  "Their grandma just threw up on me."
They're is a contraction of they and are.  Again with any conjunction, replace they're with they are and if it works, use it.
There is referring to a place, a location.  "I think I see a bear holding a shark over there."

I and Me   
Oh, this one hurts.  There are tons of folks on Facebook that caption their photos, "The Pope and I."
The easiest way to remember when to use I or me is if you take out the other person, and it makes sense, use it.  For example, if you take out The Pope..."This is a picture of I."  NO.  "This is a picture of me."
Other examples:  "Do you want to go to Memphis with Carlene and I?"  (take out the other person) "Do you want to go to Memphis with I?"  NO.  "Do you want to go to Memphis with me?"  Correct!
"Carlene and me are going to Memphis."  (take out the other person)  "Me (am) going to Memphis."  NO.  "I (am) going to Memphis."  "Carlene and I are going to Memphis."

Its and It's
Its is the possessive form of it.  Use it instead of his or hers.  "The dolphin shot air through its blow hole."
It's is a contraction of it and is or it and has.  What's the rule?  Replace it's with it is and listen.  "It's a great time for fresh tomatoes."  "It is a great time for fresh tomatoes."
Another example:  "The restaurant was nice but it's ambiance was terrible."  (replace it's with it is)  "The restaurant was nice but it is ambiance was terrible."  NOPE.  "...but its ambiance was terrible."

Next time maybe I'll also post when to use lay, laid, and lie.  I have to learn the proper usage first.  Tricky.

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  1. I am always in need of a grammer lesson :)