Sunday, March 22

what's a stuffie?

I randomly found (like always) this amazing website swap-bot. Swap-bot is a website for swapping crafts, crafts supplies, coffee/tea, mixed cds, emails, anything really. I'm obsessed!
The website has many strange names for things. It took me a little while, and lots of googling, to find out what some of these terms meant. Stuffie was one of those terms. A stuffie (aka softie) is basically a handmade stuffed animal. The swap-bot wiki describes it as
stuffie- a soft toy made from fabric or yarn. These can take on any shape or size, be based on real animals or fantasy “monsters” and creatures. Fabrics often used are cotton, felt, yarn. Stuffies can be sewn, knitted or crocheted.
Here's how to make a stuffie/softie.
I like the idea of making monster stuffies. I think I'll stick to that for a while. Here's my first try at one.

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  1. Its Abner! He is my "Stuffie" WOO!!! I love him! Check out my facebook for pics of Abner's travels around Statesboro.