Friday, April 11

secret formula to living, anyone?

In the beginning of wedding planning you think big and grand. You think about all the great things you can buy with this money someone has so thoughtfully entrusted you with. You think about your wedding day, your groom, your dress, your bridesmaids, your flowers. This is exactly how my planning has gone.
But here it is almost 80 days away from my wedding, June 28, and I am starting to see the big picture. I have just started thinking about what comes after the wedding (no, not sex, although that's pretty great too)...things like, a house.
Jon and I went driving today looking at a few houses he has seen while patrolling. The houses got me thinking about married life and money. Right now we have a long to-do-list of things that have to be done before the wedding. I just don't know how we'll pay for it all...then we have to pay for a house, too?!
How do people our age do anything these days? What sort of job do you have to have to pay for a decent house? What kind of degree does it take? How in the world do you pay off your student loans in a reasonable amount of time? How do you pay for a decent car and all of these things?
Someone please give me the secret formula!

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