Friday, May 16


BOLO (bo-lo) in police lingo is Be On the LookOut (sure you know this).

Carlene and I have sent emails back and forth with lists of things The Pope and I will need to make our new house a home, or just plain livable. I wanted to share the comprehensive list with all of y'all just in case anyone of you have perfectly good not-currently-being-used junk lying around. Or you might just get a kick out of seeing what kind of stuff we're going to decorate with.

By the way, never ask The Pope to stop the car so you can pick perfectly good not-currently-being-used junk off the side of the road. He gets really embarrassed for some reason and will leave you there with the stuff.

So here's our list....
3 or 4 barstools (2 for bar, 2 for blue high table)
2ish nice (non-particleboard-y) bookcases
masculine 4 post bed (like pic from World Market)
dresser with mirror (non matching mirror is ok too)
jute area rug
desk and chair
outdoor furniture (table and 4 chairs)
porch swing
2 chairs for "sitting area" in master bedroom

You might be thinking, "why do two kids just starting out need outdoor furniture or a grill?" Well, again, I just want to put our list of "dream furniture" out there into blog never know what might come back.

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