Thursday, December 4

movie review- Becoming Jane

My senior year of high school we were given the assignment of reading Pride and Prejudice. I loved it. Well, I didn't actually read it, but I did rent the 6 hour COLIN FIRTH version before the test.
I have since seen Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, and Emma. I love the old British romance each movie offers. Like the other films, Becoming Jane was about a strong-minded young woman and two that is her soulmate but wrong for her and another man that she doesn't love but is wealthy.

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  1. Oh my gosh were you not SO depressed after watching that? Having read (or watched) Jane Austen's stories, and then seeing her "real" life? My friend Heather and I went to see it in the theater, and the moment it was over, we were both like, "Aaaaaand cue manic depression."

    I mean, I guess you can't have it all, but I think love in your marriage is just sort of...necessary.