Sunday, January 11

French Press 101

Jon and I like coffee. Last fall we got more into it, like different ways of making coffee, grinders, and different flavored coffees. Well, we found that we like a french press the best, over the typical at home drip coffee maker. The french press process is totally different than a regular coffee maker.
A french press is made of a glass carafe and a sort of "plunger" with a screen on the bottom. First you put your grounds (coarsely ground) straight in the bottom of the carafe. Then pour boiling water right on top of your grounds. Immediately stir the grounds with a plastic or wooden utensil (we use a chopstick). Let the grounds steep to desired strength and then press the "plunger" down.
This is the part that is very different from a drip coffee machine. With a regular drip coffee maker the water drips through the coffee grounds (finely ground) in a filter. With a french press the "plunger" forces the water through the grounds. Plus the coffee grounds actually sit and make contact with the water the entire time, until pressing.
You can buy a french press from Bed Bath and Beyond or even Target.
Maybe next time I'll discuss the importance of a good coffee grinder...and tell you the story of how I came to own 4 Waffle House coffee mugs.

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