Tuesday, December 1

I've Missed Y'all

Thanksgiving put a damper on my blogging. Plus my family in Augusta still has dial up.....ring, beeeeeep, beeeeep.
I did have a great holiday break in Augusta hanging out with family. The Pope even made deviled eggs at Maw's (my grandmother) request despite the fact that he hates eggs and mayonnaise.  This was a true test of his love for me.
My parents have recently bought a house in Pine Mountain, Georgia (right next to Callaway Gardens).  So Saturday Carlene, The Fosters, and I drove down to check out the remodeling they've done.  I should have taken pictures but they still wouldn't have made sense to you.
See, the house was just a regular, normal sized home and then the previous owners added a super strange addition.  There is a five or six foot square tiled "tub" that is about four feet deep with stairs and railing!  In another spot in the house there is a trap door that is sort of an indoor root cellar, or I guess it could be used for a very small panic room.  There are even two kitchens in the place, like a duplex but not.  Weird.  Anyway, my parents are making this two-house home into one large home....taking out walls, adding walls, basically completely remodeling the existing rooms.

Stay tuned this month for The Pope's irish coffee recipe and my Christmas crafts.

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