Sunday, December 6

John Mayer's Cake Competition

I am not sure why, but I follow John Mayer on Twitter (he's a verified account).  Well a few days ago he tweeted about his Interfaith Holiday Baking Competition.  Doesn't it already sound like fun?
Last year Mayer was getting emails from his brother with pictures of cakes he had been baking.  At first, John laughed but then considered holiday baking himself.  He wrote, "I had to try it.  Sure enough, baking a cake or two while listening to Christmas (okay, Holiday) music was like a giant does of premium cheer.  I had the happiest holidays in years."  So on his blog he has started this holiday baking competition.

The Rules:
submissions must be received by December 28th
email your pictures to
maximum of three pictures and file size under 400k
only email if you're submitting something
don't repeat submissions
has to be baked and something that "makes an impression" on him

1st place will receive 4 tickets (with meet and greet) to any show on the upcoming US tour and a Martin OMJM Signature Series Acoustic Guitar
2nd place will receive a Fender JM Stratocaster 

I might enter just for the heck of it;  not sure what I would bake.  He is going to be playing in North Charleston around my birthday in February.  And I do really like that stratocaster, although I can't actual play guitar.  Hmm.
Will you enter?  Please come back and let us know when you send your submissions!

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