Monday, November 17

movie review- Then She Found Me

So Netflix now has this instant viewing that is included in your regular monthly fee. Wow.
I started watching Perfect Stranger, with Halle Berry and Bruce Willis. I've been wanting to see it and almost bought it in Blockbuster one time. Glad I didn't. There are several "too graphic for me" sex scenes and tons of f-bombs. About 45 minutes into the movie I turned it off and went back to my Netflix instant que (my list of movies I want to see, the ones I can watch instantly on my computer).
Jon is working nights so I wanted to watch something I knew he wouldn't miss and/or wouldn't care to see. Then I chose Then She Found Me starring Helen Hunt, COLIN FIRTH, Bette Midler, and Matthew Broderick. Bette Midler is so funny and then of course COLIN FIRTH.....(Jon might get jealous if I went on anymore, let the capital letters speak for themselves). A few f-bombs here too but somehow not as awful. Lots about adoption and pregnancy. The movie left me crying and wanting to have a baby. I think we'll wait on that.
Three stars.

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  1. We have a saying around my house. It goes like this: "Oh Colin, you're FIRTH in my heart."

    It's probably the worst But seriously, can you blame us?