Tuesday, January 12

Green Graffiti

Today was a great day.  I was off work and spent the day much like I would a Sunday, taking my time with the day.  In other words, I slept a lot and spent way too much time on the internet.
I ran across an article about this company Green Graffiti.  Based in Amsterdam, the company uses pressure washing to make "graffiti" on sidewalks for companies.  I'm sure it costs less than regular paper or television/radio advertising, plus it probably lasts longer.  What a nifty idea, right?!


  1. Dear Stef,

    Thanks so much for talking about our business GreenGraffiti® on yor blog. What you may not realize is that not only is this an environmentally friendlier form of outdoor advertising but we are also dedicated to using our company as a tool for social and environmental improvement.
    For instance, we provide one liter of clean drinking water for each liter we use to execute campaigns in countries where clean water is scarce through our Green Ads Blue water compensation program. We give back to the local community by donating campaigns such as the one we did for the Amsterdam Police or cleaning services. We are all about advertising but also about profits with principles.

    Though the above photo looks great, it is not an actual photo from the Starbucks campaigns we have done in the Netherlands. If you would like a real one to add to the blog, I would be more then happy to send you one so that your readers are looking at the real thing!

    Once again, thanks for your interest in GreenGraffiti® and if you have any questions or comments, if you have any ideas or criticisms, we are open to and depend on feedback to help us improve our concept, to reduce our impact and to add value to our clients brands.

    Warm regards,
    Jim Bowes

  2. Jim,
    Thank you for taking the time to post! I would appreciate it if you sent me a picture or two to share with everyone. You can email me at stephatthebeach@aIm.com
    Thanks again,