Tuesday, January 5

Welcome 2010!

I am finally back from my break from blogging.  I have reluctantly removed the Elvis Christmas picture and changed my playlist from 50s Christmas classics to a great collection of oldies.  (Have you ever noticed sock hop, malt shop, and doo wop all end in -op?  Must have been the two favorite letters of the 50s.)
The Pope and I spent lots of time on the road this holiday season visiting folks in Augusta and Raleigh.  We hardly had time to spend quality time with everyone but loved every minute.  We are thankful to have two loving families to share Christmas with.

Today I am working on getting the house clean and ready for the new year (we have yet to take down and put away our Christmas decorations).  I would love to get us super organized this year and I've been looking for a great wall calendar.  Of course I love the retro themed ones.  If I were a single girl I'd buy one of the calendars with old pin ups on it but of course it's not completely appropriate with a man in the house, boo.

Enjoying the staff Christmas party

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