Sunday, November 11

I like shoes; I love bags!

I LOVE these shoes. Sanuk Vegabond Sidewalk Surfer in chocolate I tried on a pair of the girls and then the guys. The men's feel more comfortable and fit better. The girl's come in bright colors and stripes. Jon thinks they look like hobo shoes. What do you think?

While shopping at the local outdoor store, I saw these super cute Keens. Isabella in syrup What do you think about these?

So I was out with Jon one day and saw a chick carrying this bag. I complimented her and asked if I could check it out. She flipped up a huge flap to reveal TONS of pockets! I didn't hear anything else she said because I was mesmerized by the organization! Then, I found this bag for my laptop.

While searching for above Sanuk's online I found this bag. so cute; very Stephy!

Btw, I've added all of these to my Christmas list...which is getting pretty long.

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