Friday, October 2

I Hate Entitlement

I work at a pharmacy, and I have to tell people all day long that there are no refills left on their prescription (this means we had to fax their doctor for more refills).  Very rarely do I come across someone who actually recognizes there are no refills on their medication.  Usually I get the, "well I wish I would have known" response.
FYI:  there is a countdown of refills on every bottle of meds you get.

When did the world, Americans, become so entitled?  What happened that made people stop taking responsibility for themselves and blaming everyone else for their problems?
Unfortunately, I think the US government is only perpetuating this feeling of entitlement....."you can pay for your cell phone but you can't pay for your house?  we'll take care of that for you,"  "you can pay for satellite TV but you can't buy groceries for your children?  we can do that for you!"
What will it take for people to stop blaming others for their poor life decisions?  Looks like it's only going to get worse before it gets better.

Don't sit in your crap and complain 'cause you smell!  Stand up and do something about it.

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