Thursday, October 29

Law Enforcement Misconceptions

Growing up in a law enforcement family, I remember Daddy telling stories of calls he had been on and the crazy, stupid folks he came in contact with.  He used to say if he pulled a female over, she was getting a ticket.  I guess his point was he obviously had a lawful reason for pulling her in the first place.  Also, he didn't want there to be any question why he didn't give a woman a ticket (ie because she was crying or had big boobs).
I also remember Carlene getting aggravated when people made jokes about cops and doughnuts (I personally can't stand that one) or the you-only-pulled-me-over-to-meet-your-quota response.  With The Pope's help, I wanted to try and clear up and hopefully explain some of these common misconceptions.

Real life is not like CSI: Miami.
Not every surface at a crime scene is good for lifting fingerprints.  Additionally, if there is an obvious shoe print, they might just take a picture instead of lifting it with a big sheet of tape.  Actual CSI units will not solve your crime in an hour.  They also don't necessarily drive Hummers or wear shades.

Police work is not all gun fights and police chases.
The majority of calls are more mundane; disciplining someone's teenager or quieting a neighbors dog.  There is also lots and lots of paperwork to be done.  *But don't forget, a LEO puts on body armor before heading to work.

The officer was not wearing his hat when he wrote me a ticket so it doesn't count.
Yeah right.  Next time trying not breaking the law.  (It also doesn't void the ticket if you tear it up or if the officer writes something incorrect on the ticket.)

There is no such thing as law enforcement quotas.  Officers can write as many tickets as they want.

Miranda rights.
An officer does not have to mirandize you unless you're in custody AND the officer is asking you questions.  Just because the officer put you in handcuffs doesn't mean he/she has to read you your rights.

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