Monday, May 11

Easily Distracted

I have an AIM email account and when I go to to check my mail, there are always tons of crazy, ridiculous articles that I HAVE TO read. I end up, 15 minutes later, forgetting why I was even on the computer in the first place. Later I remember I never actually checked my email.
Here are a few articles that peeked my interest so much that I forgot to check my email.

Teen Suspended For Going to Prom
Woman Keeps Moms Body For 6 Years
Celeb Gossip
Cher Turns Back Time
KFC Free Food Foul-up
Best Free Things To Do in America
Pro Athlete to Skip White House Visit
Parents Fight For Child's Name
Woman's Abs Saved Her Life
Boy Hit By Meteorite and Lived


  1. 2nd story sound familiar?

  2. Exactly what I thought!

    My husband, a sheriff's deputy, had a call for a missing person. The deputies found a man dead in his house. The man's mother was later found in a freezer in a bedroom! He had been collecting her social security for about 6 months.