Sunday, May 31

Iced Mint & Honey Green Tea recipe

The Pope and I LOVE Sweet Leaf's Mint and Honey Green Tea. We use to bring at least 5 gallons back with us from Earth Fare when visiting family in Augusta and Raleigh. Well The Pope, being the smart guy he is, created a recipe we can make at home for a lot less than buying gallons and gallons and gallons.
We found Bigelow Mint Green Tea at Harris Teeter one day and The Pope did a little research, and lots of test batches of tea. This is what he's come up with.

12 mint green tea tea bags (6 bags per quart)
2 cups boiling water (we heat ours in the microwave)
1/4 cup clover honey (clover honey has a milder flavor so this is important)
1/4 cup sugar (we prefer to use Sugar in the Raw)

Place 12 tea bags (for a 2 quart pitcher) in boiling water and let steep 10 minutes. Remove tea bags and add honey and sugar, mix. Add cool water to tea mixture. Serve.
Honey and sugar are used to achieve the best flavor. If you use just honey the sweetness is too weak and all sugar is too sweet. Try this recipe and alter to your taste. We actually found that 12 tea bags is a little strong so we prefer to use 10.

*Remember what you learned in science class, adding hot liquid to a cold glass pitcher will crack and shatter the pitcher!

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