Thursday, May 21

Camp Food For Vegetarians

The Pope and I are going camping this weekend on an island in the ICW with some friends. We have to pack light since we are taking our canoe over to the island. We are also thinking of going up to Pilot Mountain for some more camping for our first anniversary, June 28.
You probably know that I am a vegetarian but this vegetarian likes to eat (maybe too much). So all this camping got me thinking about some convenient, easy things I could pack to eat. I found several nifty ideas online, things that I hadn't considered.

Ramen noodles, just add hot water
rice and beans
Fantastic Foods makes tons of "just add water" items (I like their hummus and sloppy joe mix!)
one of Jon's favorite camp foods (besides smores) is trailmix
instant oatmeal
pancakes (they even make just-add-water-to-a-bottle-and-shake-mix now)
single pack drink mixes (Crystal Light or others)
hot chocolate mix
REI has a whole section of vegetarian food options

The Pope also found this website for camping recipes. Don't eat the Margarita Cheesecake!

The thing to remember with processed camp foods is the high sodium content. Read your labels, folks!

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  1. Anything on that list you want... run to the store and pick it up. I'm still not that good at vegetarian shopping.